Studio 2

Studio 2 – Table-top Photography for Products, Artefacts & more…

The second photo studio in our two-studio complex is tuned towards product photographers, and smaller portrait shoots, like headshots, with facilities for table-top product photos, macro photography and related streams of photography. The large access doors have intentionally been created to allow any kind of equipment or product to be easily brought into the studio.

Studio 2 as a Support Area

During complex photo or video shoots, this space can also be rented along with the fashion studio (Studio 1) and can be converted into a space for model preparations, clothing preparation (layout, assembly, ironing, etc.) and more. This option offers photographers, hair & makeup stylists, and clothing stylists a great deal of flexibility.

Studio Bookings

To book Studio 2, please contact us online. Or call us at 98403-58636.

Some Examples of Product Photographs Taken in Studio 2

Wine Glass: Table Top Photography at Fortune Studios Chennai.
Glass Serving Dish: Table Top Photography at Fortune Studios, Chennai.
Glass Water Dispenser. Product photography at Fortune Studios, Chennai.