Studio 2: Specialized Space for Product and Portrait Photography in Chennai

Welcome to Studio 2, our dedicated space for Chennai product photographers and those seeking a more intimate setting for portrait shoots. Located within our two-studio complex in Chennai, Studio 2 offers a versatile environment tailored to meet the diverse needs of professional photographers. The various features available to Studio 2 make it a versatile and convenient professional photo studio available for rent in South Chennai areas.

Spacious and Versatile Shooting Area

Our product photography studio boasts an impressive shooting space of 18 x 20 feet, with a generous 12.5-foot ceiling height. This spacious setup allows for a wide range of photographic possibilities, from small product shoots to larger setups for furniture or appliances. As one client said “Chennai’s versatile photo studio for small businesses”.

Key Features:

Ladies hand bags photographed for Toniq, in Studio 2, Fortune Studios, Chennai
Ladies clutch purses photographed
in Studio 2, Fortune Studios
  • Ample space for products up to 5 x 3 x 3 feet or larger
  • Multiple interchangeable backgrounds for varied aesthetics
  • Specialized tables designed for product photography
  • Large access doors for easy equipment and product transportation

Lighting and Equipment

While we respect our clients’ preferences for specific camera and computer equipment, Studio 2 is equipped with professional-grade lighting suitable for product and portrait photography. Our setup ensures you have the flexibility to achieve the perfect shot for any product or portrait. Whether you’re renting Studio 2 for eCommerce, or for a portrait shoot, we’ll ensure that you have great lighting!

Versatile for Portraits

In addition to product photography, Studio 2 is ideal for smaller portrait shoots, including:

  • Professional headshots
  • Individual portraits
  • Small group photos

Supporting Facilities

To ensure a smooth and comfortable shoot, Studio 2 offers:

  • Access to a well-appointed green room for makeup and styling
  • A bathroom that doubles as a changing area
  • Convenient connection to Studio 1 for larger projects
  • Easy access to electric plug points for flexible setups

Studio 2 as a Support Area

During complex photo or video shoots, Studio 2 can be rented alongside Studio 1, offering:

  • Additional space for model preparations
  • Area for clothing layout, assembly, and ironing
  • Flexible staging area for larger productions

This interconnected setup provides photographers, hair & makeup stylists, and clothing stylists with enhanced flexibility and convenience. Ask us about this possibility when you enquire.

Booking Options

We offer flexible booking packages to suit your needs:

  • 2-hour sessions
  • 4-hour sessions
  • 8-hour sessions
  • Option to extend in 1-hour increments

Studio Bookings

To book Studio 2 for your next product shoot or portrait session, please call or WhatsApp us at +91-98403-58636. Our team will guide you through the availability and help you select the perfect package for your project.

Care and Considerations

While we welcome a wide range of photography projects, we kindly ask that clients leave the studio in good condition, avoiding water, oil, or powder residues on walls or floors.

Experience the convenience and versatility of Studio 2 – your go-to professional photo studio rental in South Chennai for product photography and intimate portrait sessions. As a premier space for Chennai product and portrait photographers, we offer the perfect blend of functionality and creativity.

Book today and bring your vision to life!

Chennai Product Photography Showcase: Studio 2 Portfolio

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