Studio 1

Studio 1 is our Modelling and Portrait Studio. It has a large, comfortable white background (Cyclorama) that can be used for Model portfolios, fashion photography, group photographs, large products, motorcycles, set construction, and more!

Studio 1 – Modelling, Fashion, Portraits, Large Products and more…

With 36 ft of length, there is enough space for a photographer to move far back, and use a long focal length lens for that classic fashion photography look, or to use a wide angle lens to create a sense of space.

Lights set up in Studio 1 of Fortune Studios for a furniture photoshoot.
Furniture photography setup at studio 1

This studio space is available for rental to professional photographers who are in need of a large studio to construct sets, set up special lighting, or to take photographs that convey a sense of space.

Studio 1 is also very convenient for photographers or Film Directors who want to construct a set, or multiple sets. We have large access doors and enough sheltered space for sets to be created and assembled outside the studio area.

Studio Dimensions:

Width: 24.5 ft
Length: 36 ft
Height: 12.5 ft

Green Room & Other facilities

An example of what can be done for fashion shoots where many sets and props are needed. Photographed at Fortune Studios, Pallikaranai.
Fashion Scene Photographed at Studio 1

The green room is cosily Air Conditioned, and well-lit for hair and make-up artists to work happily. We also have an extended space for models to prepare themselves. Next to the green-room is a full bathroom with shower and toilet. This makes it convenient for models and photographers alike. The bathroom can be used as a changing room if there are many models participating in the photoshoot.

The use of our professional studio flash heads, and air conditioning is included in the standard studio fee.

Studio Bookings

To book the studio for a photoshoot, please contact us online. Or call us at 98403-58636 / 9962028747.

What Can You Photograph in Studio 1?

The studio is very versatile because of the space that it offers, and the 12-ft high ceiling. Some examples of what the studio has been used for so far are:

  • Fashion / Clothing shoots with multiple models
  • Large Furniture shoots
  • Photoshoots where sets need to be constructed
  • Motorcycle Automotive shoots
  • Music video shoots with sets constructed